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Lawyers push for nauru asylum hearing A lawyer asks for a meeting with immigration officials at a hearing in Auckland on November 26, 2015

Posted on: September 5th, 2020 by adminsc2010

Lawyers push for nauru asylum hearing A lawyer asks for a meeting with immigration officials at a hearing in Auckland on November 26, 2015. Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

At least 11 asylum seekers have been arrested in raids around the country as police investigate what they say is an unauthorised use of federal security funds.

A joint press statement from NZ First and the Greens says the raids were carried out over the past few weeks, and included an arrest in the Hamilton area.

Three others were arrested at a house in the Christchurch suburb of Nelson and are b바카라eing charged.

They were detained on Wednesday, and another is due to appear in court in Auckland on Wednesday.

A spokeswoman for Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said a number of people had been found “unlawfully detained in their own country”, and he would be meeting his staff and officials today to discuss the allegations.

“The government has taken action to prevent unauthorised use of resources and resources are being released for legitimate purposes,” she said.

Labour’s immigration spokesman Richard Marles said the raids were “totally disgraceful”.

“These raids reveal that Prime Minister John Key has not only failed to ensure that he was meeting his campaign promises – they reveal he is planning on breaking every promise he made on this front in 2011,” he said.

Labour immigration spokesman David Shearer said Labor had been clear that it wanted to review the deal between Mr Key and Labor when it comes to resettling refugees.

Mr Shearer said the Labor deal with the Greens was more of the same, adding “It doesn’t matter what the immigration minister claims, we don’t care a바카라사이트nymore”.

Labour MP Kelvin Davis said Mr Key had “done nothing to stop illegal boat people being put on boats to begin with”.

The Immigration Department declined to say whether a number of refu바카라사이트gees held in detention were involved in the raids.

But a lawyer for the nine arrested, Michael Gulland, said the arrests were “intended to show that the government has a strategy to combat illegal migrants, and will stop the boats by getting them off the road”.

The lawyer said he believed immigration officers had not received enough details about the raid to make an informed decision on whether to proceed, but had received intelligence the information could help explain how the raids had been conducted.

Mr Gulland said the Government was committed to reducing illegal boat crossings as a priority.

“We’re certainly in conversation with Australia and we are going t