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Car bomb kills 11 in baghdad market in southern Beirut

Posted on: September 10th, 2020 by adminsc2010

Car bomb kills 11 in baghdad market in southern Beirut

ISLAMABAD: Explosions hit the central city of Baghdad Friday as hundreds of people were gathered to celebrate Ramadan, killing at least 11 people. Police said at least 10 civilians had been killed and at least 15 injured.

The blast was reported in the district of al-Bab with witnesses seeing dozens of bodies lined up across a field of twisted metal.

The blast took place during the afternoon prayers and caused an enormous rush of people through a field of traffic, witnesses told AFP.

No casualties were immediately confirmed, however the official news agency MENA reported at least 19 people were killed and 15 others injured, mostly during the clashes in Bab’s al-Balad neighborhood with Hezbollah.


The death toll of 10 was slightly higher but did not represent the full number of people killed in the clashes, according to medics and witnesses.

Shifa al-Yaqidi, senior researcher at human rights group Reprieve, said the deaths were likely to be the worst civilian toll among a spate of attacks by Iran-backed Hezbollah against Shiite Muslims across the country.

A total of more than 창원출장안마150 people died during a wave of deadly attacks launched in response to a nuclear agreement Iran signed with world powers on October 14, with Hezbollah shelling the homes of Iranians working in international aid and Shiit강원출장샵e home-owners who refuse to convert to Sunni Islam.

Families were separated and their bodies dumped into the river, while others were hung from lampposts or burned to ashes, residents told Al Jazeera.

Al-Ahram, the Lebanon-based independent website, published pictures of bodies at the scene of the blasts.

A policeman and a child lay dead at the scene

Al-Haq, a Beirut-based pro-opposition newspaper, said there had been “heavy” attacks by the army after the nuclear agreement.

Hollande ‘frustrated’

Speaking to the UN General Assembly this week, US Secretary of State John Kerry said세종안마대전 마사지 that despite the nuclear agreement, the fight against terror in Lebanon remained urgent.

He urged Iran and Hezbollah to “immediately stop any aggression against a sovereign Lebanon that does not mean a serious conflict with Israel, against Hamas, against (Islamic State) groups, and not against its neighbors”.

Foreign minister Laurent Fabius said on Friday: “These (attacks) can only lead to further escalation in the region.