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Cox plate happy trails and paul beshara reunite on the same stage and the audience applauds

Posted on: September 10th, 2020 by adminsc2010

Cox plate happy trails and paul beshara reunite on the same stage and the audience applauds. It’s like a happy dance when it’s done well.

Here’s my best photo of the night!

The main stage of the bill has some incredible sets from people like the aforementioned Paul Beshara and new band The New Radicals. One of the shows I’ve seen that made me feel good is the show that featured Midge Rogers of The New Radicals.

In this video she’s playing with new band The Young Guns. At first she appears in a very low key and just looks like she’s singing along to her favorite songs. But then, a couple months later in a different stage, she’s actually dancing around a little. The excitement from the audience when she’s danci강원출장마사지ng is infectious and I wish I could get her to join me to dance!

On Saturday in Philly, we were joined by singer-songwriter and guitarist Mark Lanegan. We actually spent half our time hanging out with him at the “House of Rock”! In fact, Mark took us for lunch at an amazing Italian restaurant named ‘Tuscan’.

I was blown away by how relaxed Mark is. His voice was amazing for a guy with so much energy (even though he didn’t say so). I didn마사지 후기‘t notice too many bumps in his routine either. I hope to see his new solo album come out soon too because his vocal style has changed so dramatically over the past year!

I don’t think I’ve really seen that much of Mark around in the past few years (though I certainly have at times as well). I’m really excited for him to open for the new guys The Young Gun when they’re back for their first North American tour this month.

The Philly band “The Long Road” also performs. Their new songs are all really catchy, and I really can’t wait to hear what they’re cooking up.

When this show got too long, I asked the band to stop playing for a minute. I told them, “It’s your life, so you’re not a danger to the audience,” and they did. I’m glad they stopped. T스웨 디시hey were just so excited and just in a really good mood.

The final show of The American Legion on Sunday night featured a wonderful acoustic set from The Pits with some truly epic guitar solos. The entire band was there to give all of their fans a kickass farewell performance at the end of an amazing night in Philadelphia.

Check out the vide