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Children blamed for taxi attacks in broome region

Posted on: June 19th, 2020 by adminsc2010

Children blamed for taxi attacks in broome region

An analysis of more than 500 reports by police of attacks against taxi drivers in B.C.’s broome region suggested that taxi drivers themselves were mostly responsible for the attacks, with the culprits usually female taxi drivers.

However바카라, it also highlighted a shift in the attitudes that some taxi drivers take away from attacks, and led to police stepping up their outreach in the region.

In August, the Broome Regional Police District receinatyasastra.comved 1,058 complaints related to attacks on drivers. That followed the publication in September of a study by Statistics Canada that found that taxi drivers in British Columbia were the most sexually aggressive profession in the country.

While police didn’t track every incident reported to police in Broome, they did note that their most frequent complaint rate for 2014 involved attacks against taxi drivers.

The study also said that one in eight taxi-related assaults in Broome in that year was triggered by an assault by another driver.

The number of taxis being used in sexual attacks

But according to the study, while the prevalence of assaults by women drivers remained relatively constant in 2014, assaults on taxi drivers jumped more dramatically — and by a dramatic 40 per cent in Broome in just two years.

The report also found that taxi drivers in Broome had the highest rates of assaults — and assault victims — of any occupation in Canada.

On average, assault victims between the ages of 13 and 19 had about twice as many assault injuries and three times as many assaults of any kind compared to attack victims between 15 and 24.

The study’s authors said that it was important to look at whether the increase in taxi assaults in Broome reflects a phenomenon known as “the boom in taxi-hailing,” in which more people are choosing to get around as taxi cabs than traditional taxis.

In 2009, Statistics Canada reported that the number of taxi drivers in Canada was down 15 per cent compared to a year earlier. More than 1.2 million drivers — compared to 2.2 million people at the time — were driving cars.

The rise in sexual attacks was attributed, in part, to demand for sex services in broome, and the greater convenience offered by Uber — which takes passenger바카라s to different neighbourhoods than traditional cab drivers.

The rise of Uber is linked to increases in the demand for sex services in broome, the study found. — Jason Farrar, Global News

The study did not examine the reasons for the increase in assaults and sexua