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Australian killed in afghanistan-west assek

Posted on: August 14th, 2020 by adminsc2010

Australian killed in afghanis예스카지노tan-west assek

A Afghan man is reported to have been killed by coalition aircraft in eastern Afghanistan during an attack on Friday that officials said appeared to have been carried out by US forces.

Ahmad Umarzai, who was on his way home from a wedding, was shot dead near the village of Badal, south of Jalalabad, the provincial council said in a statement, without providing any evidence about his identity.

A member of US special operations forces, who declined to be named, said that one US drone fired a “powerful” missile at 우리카지노Mr Umarzai’s car. It was “probably from a Predator or a Reaper,” he said.

“It took care of my husband and wounded his wife,” a mother and a father with two children who were also injured said.

Fierce fighting erupted on Friday, with government forces trying to recapture the area where the attack took place but fighting also took place further away.

An official with the Jalalabad police said that about 30 civilians in houses with livestock had been killed by US strikes during the attack, but he did not comment on whether they had been civilian as well as US military personnel.

‘Terrified’ by attacks

Mr Umarzai was reportedly in a house when he was killed, he added.

US officials told reporters on Saturday that the coalition was now monitoring the site.

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption A US official says the coalition was monitoring the site of an attack on a civilian compound in Pakistan

The US statement, by the Afghan council, said the American air strike killed Mr Umarzai in the vicinity of the local US base near Jalalabad.

“The coalition will continue to conduct precision strikes against Daesh [ISIS] terrorists in both its air and ground operations until we achieve total victory against them,” the statement said.

It said the US aircraft targeted the house of a man suspected of being a Talib우리카지노an fighter. That attack was conducted on Sunday afternoon when the coalition air strikes had already been ongoing since Monday, officials said.

A spokesman for the council told the AP news agency that Mr Umarzai’s killing had been taken seriously and that the council was “very frightened”.

The US does not normally comment on reports of the whereabouts of a person killed in its strikes.

On Monday, the US announced that it was temporarily suspending operations in Pakistan, where it was launching an air campaign to help Afgha